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Be a Penticton Women In Business Presenter

Would you like the opportunity to share information with 40 to 75 women in a friendly, informal setting?


At most luncheons, we have a feature presentation of approximately 20 minutes, with a speaker or panel of speakers sharing general information that most members and guests will find interesting and useful. If you wish to promote your own business or a pet project, please consider a luncheon sponsorship opportunity instead.

Presentation topics and speakers are planned well in advance — if you are interested in being a presenter, please advise us of your preferred topic, your speaking experience and your interest in speaking to the members and guests of PWIB, by contacting

As a non-profit organization, we can't offer you a speaker fee, although we do provide lunch for our guest speakers. Our member speakers pay for their meal, as per usual, and door prizes are welcome but not mandatory.

If you plan to use a PowerPoint or Keynote slide show as part of your presentation, please: 

  • Be sure to let us know. If possible, provide us with your PowerPoint in advance, so that our digital and IT volunteers can have it setup and ready to go.

  • You are welcome to bring your own laptop, projector or other device to use.

  • Ensure that your device will not sabotage your presentation by installing program updates or a virus scan.

Speaker, Sponsor: What's the Difference?

Our speakers are asked and expected to share information that is useful to all of us in our personal or professional lives, rather than promoting themselves, their businesses or organizations. Think of it as an educational session, instead of a sales pitch. The sponsor is a marketing opportunity.


Some examples: 

Our speaker might tell us about the warning signs for stroke, how to prevent strokes, and what to do if we or someone we are with is experiencing a stroke.

Our sponsor can tell us how much money the Heart and Stroke Foundation raised last year, the great things they did with it, promote upcoming fundraisers, and ask for our support.

Our speaker might share information about when the PST will be implemented, which goods and services are exempt, how the PST might impact different types of businesses, and where to get more information.

Our sponsor can tell us why we should hire the experts at Jane’s Tax Service to help us implement these changes, and share how last year they managed to save their new customers an average of $730 on their taxes — they saved one client a whopping $2,452.

Our speaker might tell us why we need to check our vehicle's oil, how tire inflation affects fuel economy, how brakes wear out, and how important the different types of tire treads are in different driving conditions.

Our sponsor can tell us that right now, Ginger’s Automotive has a special on seasonal tune-ups: for a flat fee they’ll pick up your car, check the fluids, change the oil, assess the brakes, and swap over your tires (offer good to the end of the month—here’s a $10 off coupon for PWIB members etc.).

Still have questions? Please contact us.

Luncheon Sponsorship

This opportunity is available to PWIB members only.

Sponsorship is all about shameless self-promotion! This is your time to shine — set up a display for members and guests to view during networking time at the luncheon, have your contact information on the website for the coming year, distribute promotional materials to all at the luncheon event, and have up to four minutes to tell us all about your business and why we should use your services. Or tell us about an organization you support, and explain why we should support it too.

There's a fee, and our sponsors are asked to provide a door prize. This can be a gift certificate for services, an item from your inventory, or just something nice. Your sponsorship comes with two lunch tickets, for yourself and a colleague, friend, or ...

Our PWIB Sponsor Coordinator will work with you to schedule your showcase. To request a sponsorship opportunity, please contact us.

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