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Q: Can I come to luncheons without becoming a PWIB member?
A: Yes! If you’re not sure we’re the group for you, come and check us out. Just be sure to let us know you’re coming—the deadline for registrations is the Thursday before the luncheon.


Q: What are the benefits of PWIB membership?
A: You get discounts on all meals and events. You have the opportunity to meet with other amazing women in our community. You help provide support, encouragement and leadership to other businesses and receive the same in return.  And, you receive all the benefits of Chamber membership - check those out on the Chamber website -

Q: Why do I have to pre-register (RSVP) for luncheons?
A: We need to let the catering and venue staff know how much food to prepare and how many tables to arrange. Even if you're a "regular," we can't know when you might have other obligations, so please take a moment and let us know you're coming, register, and make your payment.  Registration is easy via the events page at


Q: What if I just show up at the door?
A: We may be able to find space for you, but there’s no guarantee.

​NOTE: To keep our costs down, we must let the catering staff know how much food to prepare. There is an additional cost for all non-registered arrivals: $45 at the door.


Q: What if something comes up and I need to cancel?
A: Please let us know as soon as possible. If we've already given the catering staff our numbers, we'll have to charge you for your meal because they have to charge us.​​


Q: I’m a vegetarian. Will there be food for me?
A: Our luncheon is often buffet-style. Several of our "regulars" are vegetarians, and the wonderful caterers who welcome us at various venues include a variety of tasty dishes and salads, along with plain vegetables and greens. While they can't always accommodate every dietary need, you're sure to find enough to eat.   When not planning for a buffet, we provide a menu for you to select from in advance, so you are able to pre-order food that fits with your preferences. 

Please keep in mind that your $30 or $35 is for a great networking opportunity, along with a reasonably priced meal. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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